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yes in this case is russia prepared to uphold this resolution and if not what measures russia is going to take. to exert pressure on them ask us to settle the situation. but as for the first part of your question regarding a possible resolution i have from way answered this in my previous answer. especially considering the fact that the security council. you know in the seas in the snow heated debate around the need the necessity of such for a solution was insane taken and as for our position on that some of them will it's quite understandable our president has voiced opposition it repeatedly and it remains in the leg so this does not mean however that we are not prepared to gather with our partners in the global community to formulate a common position. which i think is the same way with all parties.
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and it is that the syrian situation should be able to be a potent political track the soonest possible and this requires the goodwill on both policy on the part of legal authorities people they did they must implement reforms they must continue them and intensify them which is something we haven't been telling to our partners and damascus repeatedly this was the subject of two telephone conversations with them that mr. president has said recently and on the other part the opposition. should give up its uncompromising compromising position . and should give up ignoring any propositions whatsoever made by the libyan authorities when it should be more open for dialogue. after all but has been done and promised by the official damascus that means quite a lot and is quite significant because the emergency the state of emergency has been lifted he said unless he has been held twice those two propositions have been
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proposed. at the regarding the constitutional reforms and other important subjects those steps are quite serious and if the opposition is indeed interested in reforming the syrian society and state relations just to shrug those propositions of it is inadmissible this is when it causes doubts and suspicion. that in fact we are not talking about. reforms multiple to cope with change in syria and we know what that can lead to in syria surrender specifics among the states polity with which he said least we can move. he so we are all for the parties switching to dialogue recently in russia. options. so. you really got to see this group a syrian delegation delegation of syrian opposition visited foster recently and we
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used that was not as unity which is to make our position heard and explain our position will move to the members of the delegation we were there with precedence right with the fact present meeting had taken place and the massacres because it's on the british banks which are in opposition forces the syrian opposition forces in syria. because we share in this welcome a solution and opinions were voiced their guides sensible ideas and propositions were voice there as far as we have heard and it is important to encourage those processes which is actually we are ready to do. and i'm sure this is in our common interests and i have felt that france and people who are in general shares this approach as well this is perhaps what i can say on this matter. with your permission a few words about syria. friend says looking for
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a political solution is given. in syria. the vicious program reforms. that has been proposed in syria. it's important for the program to be implemented on the basis of the wishes of the syrian people and we believe that. the u.n. security council cannot fail to express its position. or a shared goal or immediate cessation. there in syria and to call for effective program reforms. we are. state. there is a threat to the stability of the region. there are also tensions in lebanon. and the refugees. twenty thousand refugees now in turkey and i
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believe. this means that the security council must take a stand on this. there should be a resolution that will be different from the one thousand nine hundred three resolution on libya so far as we are concerned. we believe don't use force against the civilian population is the demand that we should insist on. one more question please from the. associated press agency. question to mr page. what do you think about. the recent developments in the dominick's strong case to think that that could affect. it. what's happening in france. well i.
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think i am not fully informed about what's been happening and not a question. what's the new circumstances i'm sure alone in the paris. and the last question please just this is the german t.v. company in eighty. three company made the. t.v. channel in media have a questions for the french prime minister what do you think. i think of the agreement. what do you think of the subject of georgia and the occupation of georgia is it paid any attention. to think about this agreement being implemented by russia. today. and is really discussed only issues.
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of concern and specifically yes georgia. and the agreements that were concluded in two thousand and eight and in two thousand and nine remain in effect and that they should be observed we support the territorial integrity of georgia and we are against any use of force. in order to achieve that goal we believe that the process of dialogue and discussions that are. ongoing. precisely that a road to a stable and a solution. the building is going to let me add a few words if i may. well unlike the nine hundred seventy three resolution. limited sarkozy planned with does not contain any ambiguity as it is clear and precise. and what was agreed in moscow. when all was the term two thousand and
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eight. is not subject to any. pervert interpretation document began with the phrase and the presidents of russia and france during its solution proposed to the parties the following measures the first measure was to cease fire so that quite clearly this was addressed to the official tbilisi and and so home as soon as the second step with was that the georgian troops when it was before the should return to their barracks and stay there on its own your place as a chapter is not quite fulfilled because provocation and border territories still persist. and we as. members of the so-called incident prevention research mechanisms together with e.u.
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representatives to our best to prevent such incidents. there was also. must be a chapter in this document which was agreed in moscow i'm only talking about thought it was agreed between the presidents of russia and france and moscow but. the question and not what was. later returned by mikhail saakashvili to suit his interests in this new. and watch has no binding force with us and which was in the pool for them there was a very important chapter of the president's madrid event circusy when the chance was not called of on the parties to start international discussions which later became known as should never the geneva discussions and the topic of those discussions which end of those discussions as it was proposed by the presidents of this sort and began to move in the political place must be polish language i guess. for you to come up with
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their gender as proposed by the president's example of the discussion of the status of cause and south asserts here. with emphasizing that especially and that proposition was that held by the russian parting at the start as our present and south are such as should be discussed international lateness to going as well as insurance security in the region and solving the humanitarian issues including location of fugitives release and so this week a causal simpson on the propositions was delivered the proposition was limited illicit saakashvili refused flatly to discuss any status of a presence of a set sail quits. making it very clear that he's not going to come to our own and that he was not going to talk about how those nations can label within the georgian states and that he wanted to take tate social to them without considering their own
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opinion that simple because i pointed out once again on august twelfth two thousand and eight president of russia supported the idea that the status of a presence of a set's here in the speed discussed with an international level. and after circus really refused to do that surely he was really in his head after his statements and he is the fence minister statements were voiced that war was still not over if he came clear to us that the great range of trends did not disappear and that turn sure security and survival this new haven of the president of south assassinations there was no other way for us there then to knowledge their sovereignty. risible they tell us what took place in late august with. bill with an answer that president sarkozy was on a visit to moscow again and the document was passed. in the initial initiatives
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so you've been called in the deployment of a. government are you observation mission i c c coding the positions so wish that the russian troops must fall back to and as for the european union mission this president signed by letter present this document signed by the two presidents says. if the. operating and territories are just and still. set in across there and i hope very much that asia name discussions. where all parties interested represented. participants can focus on issues that really worry people even in the regions the strongest and those are first of all security it's all good provocations on the resume from whatever side they come from and establishing
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a slowmo operation and normal life in those regions since there are very many complex issues intertwined in those regions. from the infrastructure and transport points of view and many other aspects and i hope very much that the other parts of the geneva discussions agenda which will be considered as constructively from the point of view of ensuring people's interests and considering their worries in youth and in the humanitarian aspects of asia need discussions. you know pretty much. where issues are discussed the settlement of which is necessary to turn should stand their allocation of fugitive's refugees. just moves in and it took a man taken by presidents bill and sarkozy on september the eighth. says that matters related turlock ation of refugees and should should be resolved considering the international law and considering the practice of post conflict settlement.
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national secede and russia and our neighbors from the presence of the sets here support this approach and stick to this approach in the end where people can play talking about he. registering the people forced to leave their homes in august two thousand and eight. with at least two probably near the home. of the and the un commissioner on civil bridges is ready to assist in that problem and i'm sure that if we'll get here to this approach will be able to solve this problem and then the georgian number of engineers discussions with the mission has been trained for three years. so make it something of refugees considered by the u.n. assembly general assembly. and at the same time requests of their cousins
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and self-assertive ends been refused and then to american visa simply are not a should surprise and sends out the sentence trying to make their position heard in the hearings and this gives us an impression that this position is far from pursuing the interests of the people needing. that's certain humanitarian solutions from us but such position is stress here in the measuring your propaganda goals and hampering the whole the efforts and this issue. you see there on this matter and i hope very much that i was chosen neighbors told the agreements achieved between presidents clinton and sarkozy and later approved. by all parties and i hope that they follow the understanding's that had been achieved within the haitian e discussions. he was talking to saying that. it's
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a. question if it's used as it's and in conclusion i would like to say this could. bush unsure what it was for may have taken a bit longer than i wanted to talk some of this is important. and we cannot and meets details that are of essential importance i would like to say what the president and that of us said repeatedly that. a little difficult days of august two thousand and eight. were really evaluated the active. and determined role france and its president nicolas sarkozy's the two it is you to hear that we managed to formulate the principles laid down the principles of the so-called. sarkozy plan the principles that. are used that are guiding to all of us now no of course there may be temptations to construe them in different ways but there is no nothing better and we deal with. them and starts establishing
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a dialogue between all the parties in this region. no better way has been invented yes because the un security council. which we addressed tried to have such oj attacked us with the security council refused to consider the matter in the nato and they russia later council we also requested an urgent discussion on the matter but we faced rejection as well the oas see there which. well it played quite dubious role in that because there were c. observers deployed in south. and in georgia. on both sides of the then administrative voter. they did reports show german army accumulating troops and heavy weaponry and. then those reports came to vienna which will at least one day before the attack actually began and with still cannot
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get an answer from the r.c. secretary there as to why the boise members are adults been informed of those reports because it's in the so none of those. has ations showed quite efficient in that situation. did show. it would be quite official work in that situation was the president of france which is. what we really value that and we are ready to cooperate with france and most different floor mats on the problem of . the big goal of assistance debility the settlement of all humanitarian issues in the area thank you just thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. should the press conference is over. for the russian authorities. with his french counterpart at a news conference in moscow and mr lavrov said we have discussed the situation in
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libya syria and iran's nuclear program and i'm very satisfied with the progress that today's negotiations and of course we'll have more on that throughout the day here but r.t. . as we've just been hearing moscow has raised concern over france's admission that its military supplied weapons to rebels in libya russia's foreign minister said the move could be seen as a serious violation of the u.n. arms embargo so first time a nato member has owned up to supplying weapons to libya since the beginning of the campaign un mandate falls short of authorizing a ground invasion that arming sides along with military action only to protect civilians that hasn't gone completely to plan their alliance already confirming multiple civilian casualties caused riots in strikes international criminal courts has issued a warrant for the arrest of the and his son saif al islam the crackdown protesters and robbery but in an exclusive interview to r.t.
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out his son said the court is not impartial. in this core of. the court. i don't want the accuse me of killing people everybody knows the sentence or against against the. coming of punishment so they decided to kill me and become a father and the big killed my brother and they destroyed my house so i have the means. to execute you so now i thought i was arrest me i mean three months ago and so to kill me and you are after me every day you are trying to find the article you really are my brother so is the world number two just to tell you that the supreme court. under the table they are trying to negotiate with us a deal that if you accept is the we will take your computer of course what does mean all it means is it is
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a call it is controlled by those countries. which attack us every day it's just support of psychological and political pressure for the thing you are charged by the international criminal court with the design in quotation as state policy aimed at deterring in quelling but any means including by the use of lethal force the demonstrations of civilians against his regime which started in february two thousand and seven there's such a policy exist. i don't want the accuse me of killing people everybody knows even themselves they are accusing me of using force or hidden but i'm not in the in the army i'm not in the government so for me to be responsible for killing people it was a big job second to the people who die at the beginning one hundred fifty nine north of the people that i went with the sights and this could happen anywhere and anywhere in the world and russia and america and france and germany and italy if.
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people in the street north towards a military side trained military or arms. or if you will prevent this what happened in benghazi direct question did you or your father. alter the army to kill but of course not this number one no second my father. called begin the reason because you know he's one of the niggers or whatever we call him we can't. use force with people he told us but the. guards fired. the order to work to defend themselves and different. camps.
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and you can see our exclusive interview more about in just over an hour's time here in r.t. we can always find this on our web site r.t. com. greece is set for a lifeline from the e.u. after parliament passed a vote on how to implement tough new austerity measures the cuts tax hikes for a condition for twelve billion euro in additional rescue cash. sent thousands of angry protesters on the streets of athens and as artie's it sir first reports to sell off to the highest bidder but also fanning the flames. greece is not for sale the message from the hearing is public as plans to sell of many greek assets are heads weaker incredibly proud of their heritage many people feel that the privatization proposals. pingree the public i. can hear the grounds the lenders banks water companies in train operators and months many more
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thinking the large telecommunications company eighty it's also the sale that. has been a continuous crime for the past twenty years sold off our companies piece by piece and now we're only small percentage small street is extremely important to the greek people but we want to still even though it. is a huge turn for the present governments who were heavily opposed to the sale of eighty shares when they. acting is a position. called a national crime when the previous government has not only want to do the same and sell the shares now at a low price we don't think we'll see an investment or. we think the only thing others will care about is profit profit profit. he continues schools from the public to refuse the aggressive by the playstation proposals put forth by the troika seemingly gone and heard their president from the european union is the
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remember we would talk about blackmail i guess the greek government critics of banking a bailout acting out. keeping profits private but the last is to say she lies the thing you hear is not like greeks have to stretch back in the deep history to figure this out we can look at latin american we look at countries all over the world where the i.m.f. has come in and sacrificed and plundered the nation for corporate consolidation and prime minister cap and trade they can avoid being the country's collapse had caused many are now asking just how high a price he's willing to pay someone dies is something very tragic occurred that's going to be a catalyst for i think of this government the e.u. has stated fairly there's no plan b. yes there is the measures being enacted buses here repairs on the street might be tiny one. thing.
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greeks are now facing a twenty billion euro in cuts today and into the next five years e.u. officials have welcomed the plan saying it will help the country get back onto a path of recovery but also learned from the u.s. based trends such institute says the austerity measures are actually a way to rescue the banks and the people's expense. you could sum up what's killed capitalism in four simple words too big to fail and that's what's going on the banks are failing and they want the people to bail them out because if they're all they don't like to take a hit these big guys so they call it for austerity measures and privatization the i.m.f. is nothing more than the international mafia federation it alone shocks of last resort and the people know it they call it privatization adults call it stealing valuable public assets and selling it to your friends really cheap the politicians
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only rep restraint that people like you have the most amount of money so that people know that so they're it's going to continue to be it's all go to war and the greek people know that if you don't stand up they're going to bow you down when you get really hungry you're going to see the riots continue to escalate because what are these so called austerity measures what do they really bring oh they bring a lot more poverty oh they bring a worse g d p o they bring more unemployment so the politicians are doing nothing more than the bidding for those that pay them or so since they're from the u.s. space transfer service institutes something about how instance emissions are going to affect this week with its. own codes of mines of the top stories in just a few minutes statement. if.
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you. feel. limited. to the gifts.
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it's just some a. piggy. if the book. thank. you thanks good.


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